Local products

If something makes Oñati remarkable, that is chocolate. This sweet temptation, which creates passion and has identified people of Oñati over a century, has its interpretation space in the “Txokolateixia”.

Oñati has also a series of typical products manufactured by local producers, including the outstanding cheese. Pastures are plentiful in the area, so big flocks are raised. Furthermore, cheese has reached the highest quality thanks to the Gomiztegi School for Shepherding.

Txakoli wine is also produced in Oñati under the Getariako txakolina certificate of origin. Guided tours are also offered by some of the wineries, for example, Belaskua.

We can also find, among others, honey producers, hand crafted bread or chicken raised in a traditional way. These are available in various local establishments, in the market taking place every Saturday and even on-line.

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